Step up Your Grooming Game with These Grooming Tips for Men Step up Your Grooming Game with These Grooming Tips for Men – BADMAN Grooming

Step up Your Grooming Game with These Grooming Tips for Men

grooming tips for men

In today's world, looks matter over anything else, and this implies to men too. Still, a lot of men fail to understand its importance. For them, pushing their hair back and applying some aftershave is enough, and as per them their job of grooming themselves is done. But, people notice your lack of grooming, and sometimes may even judge your entire personality based on it. Therefore, you must be well-kept for certain occasions, if not every day.

Now, you must be thinking - How does one groom oneself or I don't have enough time for that then we are here to answer all your queries. We would help you to set up a simple, effective and quick grooming routine. Stay tuned, as towards the end we will also be sharing a few grooming tips for men. 

Let us Understand the term - Grooming 

If we go by the books, Grooming includes the things you do to make your appearance cleaner and neat. It includes taking care of your hair, skin, face and personal hygiene through certain products and steps. While talking specifically about Grooming for men, it also covers paying attention to your clothing and fashion approach. 

An easy guide to Grooming

easy guide to Grooming

The following grooming tips for men will introduce you to grooming, and how you can incorporate it into your daily regime without spending much time but still looking as fresh as you can! 

Wash your face- The most basic yet important part, whether you have a skincare routine or not, is to wash your face. It not just gives a clean base for better absorption of the products into your skin but also brightens the overall appearance of the skin. A facewash helps remove the excess dirt and oil which clogs your skin pores. 

Use warm water for showering- We all know how relaxing a hot water shower can be but it's also undeniable that it has some very adverse effects on our body like stripping off the natural oil and making it dry. Instead, use warm/cold water for your daily shower, and make sure to use a soap/body wash for that extra cleanliness. BADMAN's saffron soap is one of the best soaps for men in India for daily use.

Manage your facial hair- Men have facial hair, and while some tend to keep a beard, others prefer a clean-shaven look. While the choice is completely yours, make sure to take care. Trim your beard/moustache at regular intervals as unruly hair can give a shabby look. For those preferring a clean shave, make sure to shave every morning for a tidy and groomed look. 

Know which product works for you -  It is essential to find which products work for your skin type otherwise, all those regular applications and following a 10-step skincare routine will be of no use. Always remember that an expensive product that worked on your friends' skin may necessarily work for you as well. 


Spray that cologne- Your fragrance is how people will perceive and remember you in the future. So, make sure to use a good quality perfume/mist/cologne to increase your attractiveness, even in people's memory. BADMAN's oud mist spray can be a great option for you.  

Take care of bad breath- No one wants to talk or listen to a person with bad mouth odour, no matter how great things he might be saying. So, brush regularly, and don't forget to floss your tongue for that extra freshness and cleanliness.

Other things to take care of

Reading all these must have made you think- It's that easy? Yes, it is actually that easy to keep yourself groomed. You may even do a little extra by getting a haircut at regular intervals and trimming your nails frequently. It will help in giving you a more polished and sophisticated look. 

Practising grooming and following grooming tips for men is not just about using several products, but it is also about how you take care of and present yourself to the public. So, make sure to follow these tips to leave a lasting mark on the people you meet!


How do I groom myself as a man?

Follow these tips to groom yourself if you are a man-  

  • Take care of your hair- Be it facial, head or nose
  • Never skip sunscreen
  • Bath daily
  • Make sure to smell nice
  • Sleep well to wake up fresh 

What is good grooming?

In simple terms, good grooming is all about taking care of your body and yourself. It's also about looking and feeling good while also presenting yourself among others in a positive way. 

What are grooming standards?

  • Nicely trimmed hair 
  • Neat clean nails (Of hand and toe)
  • Good body fragrance
  • Neat and clean clothes 
  • Good personal hygiene

Suggest some good soap for men that is suitable for all skin types.

BADMAN’s saffron soap can be a great pick for your men. Regardless of your skin type, it is equally effective for all skin types. Also, it is quite affordable and has great effects on the skin.

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