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How are Men's Clean Shave Looks Achieved?

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Beards- most men consider it a sign of manliness, while others keep it because it's in trend. Regardless of the reasons, beards have been here for a long time and, most probably, will continue to be here. But, there is a chunk of the population who will differ from this and will consider a clean-shaven look much more preference. While all this comes to one's personal preference, we can't ignore the fact that at the moment, the clean-shaven look is all the rage. And with the ongoing scenario, this trend is here to stay sighting various reasons. Here, we will understand the benefits of men clean shaven look and what measures you may take to achieve it. 

Benefits of men's clean shave

Being clean-shaven not only gives you a smarter impression but, also a younger-looking appearance. Apart from these, other benefits that one may reap from being clean-shaven include- 

Helps eliminate dead skin cells - An underrated benefit provided by shaving is that it effectively removes dead skin cells that get accumulated over time on our face due to the presence of facial hair, causing itchiness and making skin dull and dry. Shaving off your beard pulls out hair and dead skin cells from your follicles to reveal a clean face.

Easy to manage - Growing and maintaining a beard are two very different points of the same location. You need to give it special attention if you don't want to look like a dishevelled, self-neglecting person. 

Better absorption of moisture by the skin - A moisturised, nourished skin is the indication of healthy, happy and hydrated skin. However, the presence of facial hair can make it a little difficult for the moisturiser to absorb into the skin. Shaving not only smoothens the skin but also allows better absorption of water and nutrients from the moisturiser.


Adequate hygiene - Shaving is a kind of exfoliation. This means that it helps remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores, which in return helps with acne. Beards can also be a breeding ground for several bacteria. Thus, a clean-shaven face will put a full stop to all such problems. 

A professional look - A person who takes care of his appearance is generally regarded to be the kind of person who can pay attention to minor details and perform daily tasks with great dedication even when he doesn't feel like doing so. 

How to achieve that perfect clean-shaven look

Your face is probably the first thing noticed by anyone you meet. Hence, if you want to rock that clean-shaven look, it's important that you follow the right steps and take care of certain pointers to get a good clean-shaven look and how to look your best in it. So, let's take a look- 

  • Before starting to shave, the most important thing is to soften your beard. Do so with the help of warm water or a steamy warm bath. It will help by opening pores, thus making the whole shaving procedure easy. 
  • Apply shaving cream on your face and lather it up well using a shaving brush. It will help to protect your skin from cuts during shaving. 
  • Using a sharp and clean razor, shave off your lathered-up beard. 
  • Make sure to shave in the downward direction to protect yourself from getting razor burn, micro-cuts or ingrown hair.
  • For a proper clean shave look, make sure to shave twice to cover all the areas. 
  • A cold-water splash after your shave will help cool down your face and close the pores. 

BADMAN grooming product for men clean shave

BADMAN grooming product

A good shaving experience is a blend of various things- the right method, an insight into the do and don't along with the right products. While the market has several options in the men's shaving category, we have narrowed it down to a few basics so that it doesn't get overwhelming for you. BADMAN's activated charcoal facewash can be a good option for you to start with your clean shave look. An affordable and effective product, it is one of the best men's grooming products in the market at present. Shaving cream is the most essential part to sport a clean-shaven look and this one will surely win you over within a few uses. 

In the end, it all comes down to your techniques and the products you use. So, choose what's right for you.  


Q. Is it possible to be completely clean-shaven?

Yes, with the right technique and correct products, it is possible to get a complete clean-shaven look. 

Q. How to get a clean shave without any bumps?

  • Start by using a good quality shaving cream with good lubrication for a smooth shaving experience, such as the one by BADMAN. 
  • Make sure that your razor is sharp and sterile.
  • Shave in the contrasting direction of the hair growth
  • Apply a moisturiser aftershave.
  • Avoid using the alcohol-based product as they will dry out the skin
  • Always avoid dry shaving

Q. The most important thing to do after shaving?

Using a cream/moisturiser after shaving will help seal the moisture in your skin and protect it throughout the day.

Q. Is clean-shaven a good option?

Yes, being clean-shaven is a good option as it is easier to manage and promotes better hygiene. Along with this, it also removes dead skin cells, thus preventing the occurrence of acne and pimples.

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