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5 Tips to Choose Right Face Glow Cream for Men

Face Glow Cream

Every skincare routine has at least two steps- Cleansing and moisturising. While everybody knows the importance of using the right facial cleanser according to skin type, people often tend to make the wrong choice when it comes to moisturisers.

Our facial skin is sensitive thus, requires extra care and choosing an appropriate face glow cream for men or moisturiser can help with it.
And with the plethora of options available in the market, making a suitable choice can be a little difficult. So, to help you with the same, here we are talking about all that you need to know about face creams.

What are moisturisers?

Moisturisers are cosmetic products prepared for moisturising, protecting and lubricating the skin. Mainly they are a mixture of oil and water-soluble components, which help revive the skin's outermost layer. Frequent cleansing, environmental exposure and medical conditions often cause water loss from our facial skin, and moisturisers work towards reinstating the loss.

Importance of face cream in a skincare routine

While moisturisers help protects our skin's barrier from irritation, it also has various other benefits, which include-

Reduces chances of skin problems

Be it oily, dry or combination skin type, problems are bound to occur. Using a moisturiser can keep your skin’s health balanced and reduces the chances of acne, rashes and skin irritation.

Fewer appearances of blemishes

Using a moisturiser gives your skin the right amount of hydration, leaving you with a glowy, healthy and evened-out skin tone. This will help conceal minor blemishes on your skin.

Skin Appears Healthy

A well-moisturised skin is properly hydrated and thus looks healthy, fresh and glowy. This is because your skin gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals that it needs or might have lost due to various factors such as pollution, excessive cleansing or growing age.

Prevents dryness

Be it men or women, the main reason why an individual uses a moisturiser is to prevent dryness as it has the property of locking down the skin’s natural moisture into your skin.

Relieve After Shave Effects

Shaving can leave your skin dry and irritating afterwards. So, applying a soft moisturiser can help you with it. A gentle face cream after a shave can give you relief from skin itchiness and dryness.

How to choose the right moisturiser?

How to choose the right moisturiser

While moisturisers are equally beneficial for all skin types, different skin has different needs, so, it’s important to understand those needs to buy the correct product. Most men tend to skip moisturiser just because they don't like the way it feels on their skin. It is because you are choosing the wrong type of moisturiser.
Therefore, while choosing the correct face glow cream for men, make sure to keep in mind the following-  

  • Know your skin type, i.e., identify whether you have oily, dry or combination skin.
  • Ingredients in your face cream make a major difference. So, choose the one that has more natural, moisturizing ingredients and lesser harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.
  • A non-comedogenic (doesn't clogs pores) moisturizer will break down the excess oil without stripping moisture.

The best face glow cream for men

With a wide variety of options available in the market, where several products claim to offer the same benefits it can surely be overwhelming to find the correct product for you. Also, checking the labels and sorting out the best ones can be a hassle. To make things easier for you, we sorted out a good face glow cream for men.

BADMAN tea tree face cream for men

BADMAN tea tree face cream for men

To take proper care of a men's skincare needs BADMAN has come up with its tea tree face cream. Made with the goodness of tea tree oil, lavender oil, wheat germ oil, honey, shea butter, Vitamin E and several others, this face cream moisturizes your skin well, keeping it supple and hydrated.


Q.1.) Which is the best face cream for men's skin?

Ans.) BADMAN'S tea tree face cream is one of the best face creams for men's skin. It comprises various natural ingredients like tea tree oil, shea butter and honey that helps keep the skin well-moisturized, and supple.  

Q.2.) Why is face cream essential for men?

Ans.) Face creams or moisturisers help in keeping the skin glowy, healthy and moisturised. It helps by preventing skin from getting dry and keeping the moisture and hydration locked into your skin

Q.3.) Should men use face cream?

Ans.) Men and women both need to moisturize their skin to make it looks hydrated and fresh, especially after shaving.

Q.4.) Is tea tree oil good for men's skin?

Ans.) Tea tree oils are beneficial for all skin types, regardless of gender. It has great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which make it a great ingredient to be used in men's skincare routine.

Q.5.) What is tea tree oil good for?

Ans.) Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is home to various benefits like helping with a fungal infection, acne, inflammation and even improving symptoms of psoriasis (red, flaky skin) & dandruff.

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