Why Should Charcoal Shaving Cream For Men Be A Part Of Men's Grooming? Why Should Charcoal Shaving Cream For Men Be A Part Of Men's Grooming? – BADMAN Grooming

Why Should Charcoal Shaving Cream For Men Be A Part Of Men's Grooming?

Charcoal Shaving Cream For Men

A man's needs and requirements are much different than that of a woman. And so is their skin. So, when the skin is different, it's obvious that priorities and products would be different. In the case of men, the beard plays an important part. Some men prefer a beard, while others like to have a clean shave style. Quite a lot of men these days are preferring the latter option due to all the hassle that comes with having a beard, and some opt for it just because they like this style much better on them. Those who tend to go for the latter, prefer products that are suitable to their skin and are much more than just plain old shaving cream, like a charcoal shaving cream. Even though the preferences vary many times.

But to keep a beard or not is a personal preference, shaving cream is something that most men tend to have. But just having it with you is not enough unless you use it. And today, we will be talking about it to make you understand why you should use it.

What is the purpose of shaving cream?

A razor blade is not the only thing that can hurt the skin, while shaving many realize how difficult the beard hair itself can be. Shaving cream is something that one applies to create a barrier between the hair, blades of the razor, and the skin. So, while shaving, the blades of the razor can glide as smoothly as possible, helping prevent any damage to the skin by the freshly cut hair or the razor.

What are the benefits of using charcoal shaving cream for men?

benefits of using charcoal shaving cream for men

Apart from preventing you from nicks and cuts, a charcoal shaving cream has other benefits as well, such as - 

  1. Applying shaving cream while shaving helps in experiencing the smoothest shave as it helps in the seamless gliding of the razor across your face.
  2. The procedure of shaving can stress your skin. Using a before shave cream helps by providing hydration to beard hairs so that it becomes soft and easy to shave. This will make your shaving process easy, but also keep the skin underneath the beard hydrated and nourished. 
  3. Using a pre-shave cream helps make the skin-soothing, refreshing, and much healthier. 
  4. A shaving cream ensures the proper removal of facial hair without leaving any patches here and there.

What is a charcoal shaving cream made of?

Almost all shaving creams are made of the same basic ingredients that include-

  • Charcoal - Helps remove dirt from the pores and make the gliding of the blade easier.
  • Stearic acid - a type of lubricant that softens the skin
  • Glycerine - keeps skin soft and supple
  • Triethanolamine - a surfactant that does the job of soap, but in a much better way

Apart from these, a charcoal shaving cream that uses natural and organic ingredients such as shea butter, charcoal, and coconut and avoids harmful ingredients, such as artificial colours and harsh detergents, would be a great pick for you. 

Which shaving cream to choose?

shaving cream

So, to achieve that clean shave style with ease, opt for a shaving cream that makes your shaving experience luxurious while also leaving a soft and nourished after-effect on the skin, all under a pocket-friendly budget. BADMAN has come up with their charcoal shaving cream for men specially crafted to provide an exorbitantly luxurious shaving experience to the user. A blend of activated charcoal, glycerine, Shea butter, and coconut, this shaving cream is a great pick for a hassle-free shaving experience.


The benefits of shaving cream are not unknown to anyone, so including it in your shaving routine will be a great choice. However, if you are unsure about certain ingredients included in the product, then you can, either test it on yourself or consult a specialist. 

FAQs for charcoal shaving cream 

Q.1.) Is charcoal in shaving cream a good ingredient?

Ans.) Charcoal is known to have deep cleansing properties. It pulls the dirt, dead skin cells and other toxins from skin & pores. This helps to set a clean base for comfortable strokes while shaving. 

 Q.2.Is it necessary to use a shaving cream while shaving?

Ans.)Using a shaving cream while shaving reduces the risks of shaving injury. Shaving cream acts as a lubricant and keeps moisture in the beard hair while shaving. This reduces the friction and makes them easier to shave.

 Q.3.) What is better- Shaving cream or foam?

Ans.) The work of both- shaving cream and foam is to make the shaving process easier and more comfortable. However, if you are after ease and quickness, then shaving foam would be a good option. 

Shaving cream on the other hand is thicker than foam and has more moisture content. Hence, gives better prevention from dryness and irritation that might occur while shaving. 

Q.4.) Is BADMAN Charcoal Shaving Cream suitable for all skin types?

Ans.) BADMAN charcoal shaving cream is made of natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, glycerine and charcoal. The key ingredients of BADMAN shaving cream are natural and suitable for all skin types.

Q.5.) How do I choose shaving cream?

Ans.) While choosing a shaving cream for yourself, make sure to choose the one that is made up of natural ingredients, such as shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients. They will keep your skin moisturized and irritation free during and after the shaving process. 

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