Mist Range Mist Range – BADMAN Grooming
BADMAN Premium Wild Oud Mist Spray
Oud Mist Wild inculcates the aroma of real oud to create a magical fragrance for long-lasting freshness and comfort. Its attractive fragrance will help you keep smelling like an exquisite kind of luxury, all day long. It can even be...
Rs. 399.00
BADMAN Premium Royal Oud Mist Spray
As the name suggests, it's the perfect choice to keep you smelling majestic and regal all day long. Its pleasing aroma is suitable for both day and night use. Key Ingredients Oud-Al-Noor Benefits Oud has well-known calming properties. Has a...
Rs. 399.00
BADMAN Premium Forest Oud Mist Spray
With essential oils being incorporated from the deepest secrets of the forests, BADMAN's oud mist forest makes up for the ideal blend of pure freshness and richness for that perfect aesthetic appeal. Key Ingredients Oud-Al-Noor Benefits Oud has well-known calming...
Rs. 399.00
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