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Goonj 1st Winner Premium Fragrance Kit
Enjoy the ultimate fragrance of oud with BADMAN's range of premium oud mists (Pack of 3 -100ml each). Designed especially for men, the Noor-al-oud is common in all our fragrances and is a bright yet soft scent. Despite being so...
Rs. 1,197.00
Goonj 2nd Winner (Wild Mist, Royal Mist and Soap)
BADMAN Premium Wild Oud Mist Spray Oud Mist Wild inculcates the aroma of real oud to create a magical fragrance for long-lasting freshness and comfort. Its attractive fragrance will help you keep smelling like an exquisite kind of luxury, all...
Rs. 997.00
Goonj 3rd Winner (Forest Mist, Shaving Cream and Soap)
BADMAN Premium Forest Oud Mist Spray With essential oils being incorporated from the deepest secrets of the forests, BADMAN's oud mist forest makes up for the ideal blend of pure freshness and richness for that perfect aesthetic appeal. Key Ingredients...
Rs. 897.00
Goonj X Appreciation Token ( Shaving Cream x 2)
A luxurious shaving experience encased with the goodness of activated charcoal, glycerine, coconut, and Shea butter. Badman Charcoal Premium Shaving Cream for men not only helps shave with ease but also nourishes and softens the skin. Shaving can often leave...
Rs. 498.00
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